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About MyFitMed


MyFitMed isn’t your ordinary medical clinic or testosterone center. We are your premier performance improvement specialists geared towards helping you achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. We recognized that not one person’s needs are exactly the same as the other person’s, which is why we take a personal approach to helping each client achieve their specific goals. Our treatment plans are customized and designed to suit each different client specification.

Your hormones are utilized at their optimum potential for peak performance. Our comprehensive methods of medicine help optimize your hormones, replace your body’s essential nutrients and help your body manage primary care conditions as simple as the common cold or as critical as chronic illnesses. As mentioned, each client’s needs are different so we don’t have cookie cutter treatment options. We ensure our treatments will help our clients reach their desired goal to help them be healthy and happy.

MyFitMed has friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable staff and personnel to assist you and help make your doctor’s visit smooth and relaxed. Visit us and have the first-hand experience of the benefits of our comprehensive approach to medicine and easy access to a provider.

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