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MyFaceLounge is a premium aesthetic medical spa by MyFitMed that offers an array of medical aesthetic services to exceed each patient’s individual beauty and health goals.

At MyFaceLounge we offer most advanced procedures and treatment to achieve your goals. Providers at MyFaceLounge are licensed and hold a high level of training and certification in the field of medical aesthetics. They are continually learning advance procedures to ensure patients achieve satisfactory results. Each provider takes a comprehensive approach to every procedure, guiding their patients through the process as carefully as possible.

Along with providing amazing aesthetic results, patient safety is their number one priority. Our providers do not focus solely on the procedures and products that we offer; rather, they encompass and take into consideration the entire picture of our patient’s health and wellness in order to help patients attain their aesthetic goals. Their goal is to rejuvenate, enhance, educate and preserve your youthfulness.



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