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How IV Treatment Works


Each IV treatment has its function, depending on what your needs and requirements are. You should maintain receiving treatment at least once a month to guarantee optimum results. Since the drip is directed to your bloodstream, you immediately get the vital nutrients to help your body rejuvenate.

Typically, IV therapy is administered through a vein in the crook of the arm. By injecting the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, there are no alterations caused to the nutrients by digestive enzymes and the amount of nutrients you receive are much higher as compare to taking nutrients orally. Typically, treatment takes less than 45 minutes which is equivalent to 2 gallons of water orally. The treatment is administered under the care of a professional licensed individual. It rejuvenates and vitalizes you faster and immediately gets you back on your game.

IV Therapy can be beneficial to many aspects of health and nutrition. The substances used in IV therapy are categorized as Essential Nutrients which means that these substances are essential in keeping our bodies alive and healthy. It is fairly safe and it is generally healthy for most people.

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