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If you’re looking for a mild alternative to surgery to address wrinkles, fine lines, scars, or other skin issues, microneedling provides a potent option. With tiny needles you’ll barely feel, this treatment helps your skin naturally restore itself, leading to a smoother and more youthful appearance. Our providers are pleased to offer microneedling at MyFaceLounge - medical aesthetics by MyFitMed. Call any of our locations in Dallas, Frisco, Southlake, or Heath, Texas, to schedule an appointment or request one online today.

MicroneedlingQ & A

What is microneedling?

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, involves using a pen-type device filled with tiny needles or microneedles. The pen is rolled onto the skin like a paint roller, causing slight injuries to the upper layer of tissue.

The treatment stimulates your skin’s natural healing process, leading to new cells and boosting collagen and elastin production. This helps prevent or reverse signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

Microneedling also minimizes hyperpigmentation, acne scars, skin laxity, and stretch marks. Used with platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP), microneedling can enhance cellulite treatment and hair restoration.

The procedure is minimally invasive and virtually painless. You’ll rest comfortably during the process and return to your usual daily activities promptly afterward.

How many microneedling treatments will I need?

Results from microneedling vary, but about three treatments to start are often ideal for inducing collagen stimulation*. 

To minimize scars, you may require around three to six treatments. Treatments can be scheduled about four to six weeks apart.

Can microneedling treat any area of my body?

Yes, microneedling can treat the skin on all body areas. This includes not only your face but your arms, legs, and midriff. More sensitive and fragile areas, such as around your eyes, neck, and the back of your hands, might be more challenging to treat.

Your provider can customize your treatment regimen with dermal fillers, Kybella®, Sculptra®, or PDO threads based on your preferences, needs, and goals.

Is microneedling safe?

Over 150,000 microneedling treatments have been conducted worldwide, with nearly no reported side effects. 

Treatment does bring a minimal risk of pigment changes or inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is unsuitable if you have open wounds or infections, have had radiation treatment on your skin, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Overall, most people consider the procedure very safe and well-tolerated.

If you are concerned about discomfort, your provider can apply a numbing cream to your skin before treatment.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for microneedling and schedule an appointment, call MyFaceLounge - medical aesthetics by MyFitMed. Or request one online today, which is fast and easy.


*Results may vary

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