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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How would I know which treatment plan is best for me?

At MyFitMed, we understand that your physical requirements are unique. We recognize the differences in your needs, thus, we ensure that we provide individualized treatment plans that produce the exact results that you expect. Our specialists will recommend the best plan that suits you.

2. How is your clinic different from other primary care clinic, testosterone center or IV clinics?

We take comprehensive approach to medicine. We stress on health and wellness by optimizing your hormones and replenishing your lost nutrients.

3. Do you provide any other service other then hormone replacement and IV therapy?

Yes, we also offer minor urgent care services for adults. We treat most common conditions like sore throat, UTI, strep throat, migraines, nausea/vomiting etc. We also manage non-complicated primary care conditions like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

4. How much is your treatment plan?

Our specialist will assess your needs after an initial appointment with you. Your treatment plan shall be crafted based on your unique requirements. We assure you, though; that the money you pay to us will be so much worth it. Our happy and loyal clients can attest to the effectively of our treatment plans.

5. How do I become a member of your clinic?

Just fill out required form or call our clinic.

6. What are normal levels of testosterone? 

In healthy men, total testosterone levels between 350-1000ng/dl are considered normal. The reason it is very wide range is because every person function different at different level called optimal level. 

7. How many times do I have to come for follow up?

At our clinic we understand that your time is valuable and we do not mandate you to come to clinic every week. You will come for follow up every month or every other month.

8. How long do I need to stay on testosterone therapy?

Low T or Hypogonadism is a chronic condition for most people. If you have this condition, then you will need ongoing treatment. If you discontinue therapy, then all symptoms will return.

9. How long does it take for testosterone therapy to work?

This depends on the severity of symptoms and your optimal level. There are multiple other factors that affects symptoms relief. There are patients that see immediate improvement with treatment but most of the patients sees improvement in 4-5 weeks. 

10. What are most common side effects of testosterone?

Increase in red blood cells, acne, decreased sperm count, may worsen prostate symptoms if you have any, fluid retention. We monitor all your symptoms closely and treat any side effects immediately if any.

11. How does IV therapy works?

We provide vitamins, minerals and/or other medications in bag of fluid intravenously.

12. What are different types of IVs?

We have multiple cocktail options tailored towards your specific needs. Our specialist will help you help you pick best cocktail for you.

13. What are the benefits of IV therapy other then hydration?

Our cocktails helps improve appearance of your skin, hair, nail, replenish vitamins and minerals, relive headaches and other pain, relives hangover symptoms etc. We have many more cocktails for many other conditions.

14. How long do the benefits last?

The effects of hydration last 3-5 days but the effects of vitamins and minerals will be long lasting for your health and wellness.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not a substitute for medical treatment. 

If you do not find an answer to your questions above, contact our experienced and knowledgeable employee will call you within 24 hours with more information. 

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